Vega 4 series


Vega 4 series system is the latest solution for cathodic protection from CRT. It provides full monitoring, control and great scalability for any cathodic protection systems.


Vega 4 series is developed to be stable, powerful and scalable solution for any structure in need of cathodic protection system. It provides solutions from single column or balcony protection to massive structures with thousands of square meters of cathodic protection area. Web based control and monitor solution enables instant notifications, control and monitoring from any place in the world while providing secure connection.


  • Delivers up to 50,000W of power;

  • Supports up to 3000 reference electrodes;

  • Supports up to 1000 temperature and temperature/humidity sensors;

  • Can store terabytes of data;

  • Provides monitoring and control from any place in the world, with secure connection;

  • Notifies users about any changes in the system instantly;

  • Ensures simple setup procedures;

  • Devices can be mixed and matched how ever user desires;