PowerDot 1


PowerDot 1 provides power for very small areas of cathodic protection (balcony, column, etc.). Device should be powered from PowerHub 5 unit or the main cathodic protection cabinet. It also supports 1 reference electrode, temperature, temperature/humidity sensors.


PowerDot 1 is used as a small power supply for cathodic protection zones and also can support 1 reference electrode and temperature or temperature/humidity sensor at the same time. Device communicates thru RS485 based ModBus communication which is galvanically isolated and protected. Data and power for the unit is provided by single CAT5/CAT5e cable with standard RJ45 connector.


  • Power in 24VDC 50mA max.;

  • Power out 0.01-20V(1mV), 1-50mA(1mA);

  • Can operate in CC or CV modes;

  • Supports 1 electrodes, +/-2V(1mV), 10MOhm impedance;

  • Supports temperature or temperature/humidity sensors (optional);

  • 2xRJ45 connectors for daisy-chaining devices;

  • Status and Bus LED indication;

  • Protected and isolated RS485 ModBus communication;

  • Can be supported with DIN35 rail mounting (optional);

  • Dimensions 110x56x28mm;