PowerCon 10


PowerCon 10 provides power for cathodic protection zones that need large amounts of power with accurate monitoring. Device has smart micro-controller for data collection, control and fault prevention. PowerCon 10 power supply has non-volatile memory which ensures correct settings even if the power or data connection was lost.


PowerCon 10 supplies communicates with MainHead Plus controller via ModBus protocol and supplies power to cathodic protection zones in constant current or constant voltage modes. If necessary this device can operate as a stand alone device after initial setup.


  • Power in 100-240VAC 1.8A max.;

  • Power out 0.01-20V (1mV), 0.01-10A (1mA);

  • CC or CV operation;

  • Power, Fault, Output LED indication;

  • Overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature protection;

  • Cable loss compensation with Sense input;

  • High efficiency power delivery;

  • Protected and isolated RS485 ModBus communication;

  • DIN35 rail mounting;

  • Dimensions 133x115x56mm;