MainHead Plus


MainHead Plus provides simple control and monitoring using integrated touchscreen. It has internal battery for stable power delivery which ensures that no data can be lost during power outage. Device also supports USB (for communication and storage), ethernet, WiFi etc.


MainHead Plus controller collects the data for local and remote monitoring and control from all the devices on the data bus. Device has temperature/humidity sensor and controls cabin fan and heater to maintain optimal micro-climate inside. Controller has integrated battery which enables it to save all data, transmit alarm to the remote control station and prepare for graceful power down. Touchscreen enables user to check and make any changes to the cathodic protection system if necessary.


  • Power 24VDC 2A Max.;

  • 4x USB 2.0 ports;

  • 1x RJ45 port;

  • 4400mAh integrated battery;

  • Power, Fault, Status LED indication;

  • Integrated support for micro-climate control (temperature/humidity sensor, fan and heater);

  • Support for door switch, LED light for cabine service;

  • 7” integrated touchscreen;

  • Integrated “System OK“ and “System Fail“ external indication;

  • Neodymium magnet mounting for easy installation and removal;

  • Watch dog controlled external modem power delivery (12VDC@1A);

  • 1,4GHz ARM processor, 1GB RAM;

  • 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2,4GHz and 5GHz WiFi;

  • Bluetooth 4.2 (Bluetooth Classic and LE);

  • Dimensions 220x140x37mm;