CRT WB Anode® paint

CRT Water-Based Anode® is the original non-destructive corrosion prevention solution for steel reinforced concrete. CRT WB Anode® Anode has decades of proven service throughout the world, and provides existing structures with a new lease of life, at minimal cost to owners and operators.


Continuity meter

Continuity meter is designed for measuring continuity between rebars in a structure. It uses high current signal to test resistance between rebars. Device has high capacity battery and can be used while charging which ensures that it can be used 24/7.


CRT Clad Ribbon

Crt Clad Ribbon is made of platinum and titanium with copper core. It distributes the electrical into the CRT WB Anode conductive paint.


Titanium Anodes

  • Solid ribbons

  • Ribbon Mesh

  • Power feed connector

  • Wires

  • Tubes

  • Bars

  • Nets

  • Strips

  • Rods

  • Wavy


CRT CP Cables

ConRehab get their cables custom made to meet high requirements for for best performance and longevity of the stable system.


Electrical installation components

All electrical installation components used by ConRehab is made by some of the best manufacturers in the industry.